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Lip Reading Without Removing Students from Class Activities

2010-04-13(Click image for larger size)

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AGBDHH) is still sending representatives to police academies in America and talk to the cadets about Deaf people. The representatives tell cadets if Deaf people say “no” to lip reading, he or she is uncooperative. No joke! Deaf children who are taught lip reading so they can associate with sounds, intonation notwithstanding.

The most important of all is that lip reading does not include beats, stresses and others. Educating the ignorant masses about the truth of AGBDHH is crucial. Deaf children who are forced to learn how to lip read, for example, Tucker-Maxon Oral School’s policy is not to learn sign language at all instead to learn how to speak, listen, and lip read. It is all about out of control AGBDHH control list law–that sits well under persecution, oppression, shaming, and humiliation against Deaf children today in America.

Let’s open the Pandora’

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Tablet Viewing Made Easy

Tablet Viewing Made Easy The Tablift Universal Tablet Stand lets you relax while using your tablet. Use your tablet in places like the bed or couch completely hands-free! You have the freedom to sit back or recline without having to hold it or rest it on your lap. It works with virtually ANY tablet, full size or mini, which has an edge […]

Follow-Up to Complaint About Lip-Reading Book

lip-reading-M36434That e-mail was in 2011 and thought I would share it with the readers. My thoughts after reading this letter below–I must question this letter why it has been rejected. Is there a community-based plan of action to emphasize that the lipreading/speechreading question is a hate crime that can be defined as any action motivated by prejudice based on the state of being Deaf–inability to hear? Is there any initiative to create language tolerance in which American Sign Language (ASL) is appreciated? What quality of life can we look at if lipreading is expected?


From: Adam Weeks <>
Date: June 03, 2011 1:32:15 PM
To: xxxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx
Subject: Follow-Up to Complaint About Lip-Reading Book

Hi Jason,
I’m writing to follow-up with your complaint about the book on our shelf titled “Speechreading (Lipreading)” by Jeffers and Barley.
If I may paraphrase your complaint, you find this book offensive to deaf people for historical and so

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New Hearing Aid Molds

By Chelle George

Yesterday I got my new hearing aid molds and the feedback problem is not nearly as bad.  That’s good news.  The new ones don’t itch and irritate my ears like the domes did which is also good news.  There is still some feedback while I insert them into my ears so my audiologist put in a 6 second delay to give me time to put them in without feedback.  Now they play a little ditty when the battery snaps shuts.  Ta-da-ta-tah!”  You are now hearing again.

New molds

New molds

There were some issues I had with the app which my audiologist tried very hard to help with.  My first problem is reconnecting to the app if I happen to walk too far away from phone.  He told me to turn off the whole phone and it should be easier to reconnect.  He demonstrated and it connected.  Later, while at home I walked too far away and had to reconnect.  The app kept telling me it couldn’t connect and I should go into demo mode.  The app doesn’t do me any good in demo mode.  Si

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Editorial #139: Open Up Sorenson Videomail! Unfair! Thanks from Dr. Z!

fcc logo


Thank you! Thank you! Many of you wrote to the FCC about the Sorenson videomail interoperability issue. It has to come from you as deaf and hard of hearing consumers. Let’s continue to remind the FCC about this inexcusable issue.

Why is this inexcusable? All VRS providers get public money to be sure the VRS service is functionally equivalent. Look here: Title IV of the ADA which is the law of the land says in part: “provide the ability for an individual who has a hearing impairment or speech impairment to engage in communication by wire or radio with a hearing individual in a manner that is functionally equivalent to the ability of an individual who does not have a hearing impairment.”

This is the law of the land. The FCC is letting Sorenson get away with this–the FCC is paying providers to provide functionally equivalent service. The other providers are absorbing the cost of videomail as part of the FCC reimbursement while Sorenson is saving mo

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What a perfect example of #deafcan! Congratulations to everyone involved in this…

What a perfect example of #deafcan! Congratulations to everyone involved in this project! #deaffriendly

Deaf campers show how to feel 'Happy' in viral video
If there’s one thing the kids from Deaf Film Camp want you to come away with after watching the video they made of the Pharrell Williams'...

We're always immensely proud of the students who attend our workshops where we g…

We're always immensely proud of the students who attend our workshops where we give them complete immersion into making an ASL Music Video. The kids come up with ideas, they do the translation, they film the music video, they edit it, and they're the ones who star in it. We believe by empowering the students they will leave our workshop with the mindset that they too can do anything they want.

If you are interested in having a D-PAN ASL Music Video Workshop at your school or camp please contact us at to get more information.

We're always proud of those who leave our workshops and go on to create their own ASL Music Videos like two of our former students Ren and Keely who did this video of "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen.

Let It Go -- American Sign Language Interpretation

In honor of the numerous snow days and freezing cold weather, we are back with a new ASL video of a song from the popular movie "Frozen." We had a lot of fun. Continue reading

When You Call Me a Hurtful Nickname

This week, a child who I don’t know very well called me a hurtful name, ‘Deaf F—–‘ (Rhymes with Maggot).’ Instead of staying upset at him (he later apologized), I wrote “The Power of a Name.” You are welcome to share this with anyone you think it may help.

#StopHearingLossBullying _Final Logo


Before you continue to call me by a nickname, consider the power behind it.

When you continue to call me Jerk, I may begin to see myself this way and, instead of becoming a nicer person, I will believe I am a jerk and continue to treat you this way.

When you continue to call me Stupid, I might let that word sink to my core and influence my thoughts and choices for the rest of my life.

When you continue to call me Slob, I likely will not pick up after myself any faster but instead will give up trying.

When you continue to call me Slow, I may try to increase my mental or physical speed to the point of irreparable exhaustion.

When you continue to call me Loser, I may c

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