Parents! Please fill out this survey for a partner organization that needs your…

Parents! Please fill out this survey for a partner organization that needs your input. You may have received a copy of this through "snail mail" from me. If you did not -- here's an online link. I will also post the Spanish version.......see next posting.

2014 Oregon Survey for Parents of Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs
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Attendee Shares Her SWC Convention Experience

By Nancy Fenstermaker

Nancy  (picture by Chelle)

Nancy (picture by Chelle)

Lorne Smith, the President of the Say What Club opened the seventeenth SWC Convention which took place in Madison, Wisconsin at the Madison Concourse Hotel on July 2014. He welcomed the 32 registrants, families and friends to 2 days of workshops. The importance of this hearing loss convention is to encourage participation between SWC nine email lists members through social contact and educational workshops.

Lorne's Welcome (picture by Chelle)

Lorne’s Welcome (picture by Chelle)

Dr. Samuel P. Gubbels, he researches regenerative therapies to study hair cell loss in the human ear which causes 80% of hearing loss. The ear is fully grown at birth and it has been assumed that the hearing loss is irreversible. In his laboratory he uses acoustic energy pathology of animals to compare the development of the human ear’s cochlea receptor before birth. This research is based on gene therapy involving the organ of the Corti in mammalian animals. The gene Atoh1 is inoculated

Dr. Gubbles
Workshop attendees.
Lorne Smith, president of the SWC during the workshops. (picture from Chelle)
Cochlear Implant workshop (picture by Chelle)
Dr. Juliette Sterkens on hearing loops. (picture by Lorne)
diagram of hearing loops (picture taken from
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ASL-English Literacy for Deafhood Discussions

photo copy 22Ella mae Lentz, me (JT), and Paddy Ladd’s book.

In writing this, I thought it would be important to discuss about educational approaches to the teaching of American Sign Language (ASL)-English literacy for Deafhood Discussions, a project of Deafhood Foundation ( These approaches uses “controlled written prose passages” to give the viewers amounts of actual copying and interpreting practices while requiring a cross-linguistic/cross-cultural discussion by the book, Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood written by Paddy Ladd. This copying and interpreting exercise makes the viewers to look at things from both language perspectives in order to become effective ASL-English bilingual. I must emphasize that I am not an expert on ASL. I realized a lot—awfully a lot after working with Ella mae Lentz back in 2012 about Oralism & the Renewed Religious Discourse.

English grammatical analysis is required, and explanations are done in exclusive ASL in both the

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Captions Capture the Votes Update: 4th Candidate with Quality CCAC on Video!

We are very happy to see this today – with a candidate we’d love to talk to!

CCAC hopes that the number of candidates using Quality CC on campaign videos online continues to climb rapidly – even fast enough for us to lose track! Add new ones below in comments please.

AND – when we know of a candidate anyplace in the USA who uses LIVE captioning for a live campaign event, we’ll tell the world and put that video on the CCAC YouTube Channel also. Talk to your candidates now – now – now is the time.

read that page and get in touch…CCAC…the place to be for captioning advocacy!



Deaf News: American Deaf woman sues to get sign language interpreter for baby’s birth

Earlier this year, a British Deaf couple made headlines when they complained about the lack of an interpreter during their baby’s birth. Things aren’t any better across the Atlantic, as this story from America shows. Extract from the Miami Herald: Sometime this month or next, Cheylla Silva will be admitted to Baptist Hospital to give […]

The Torch of HEARD

photoTalila “TL” Lewis and Me

The debate about Deaf returned citizens is about the tug-and-pull debate between safeties versus liberties. Deaf returned citizens do suffer the scars that will haunt them forever. This is unfortunate. There is plenty of literature tells us that the vast numbers of Deaf inmates in prison does suffer crimes, recover from the assault and try to resume their lives as normal.

The prison enforcement should be held accountable for the abuses for Deaf returned citizens and deny them as a contributing member of the society. The same society that said that Deaf returned citizens cannot be cured because the legal system do not support the idea of having Deaf returned citizens as a great value to society in locating the whereabouts of them in order to protect the society.

Again, the most important document of all is to understand the importance of Constitutional aspects of Deaf returned citizens, for example, the issue of due process is violated among others s

photo 2
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Deaf Rights: What You Need to Know

image from Lydia Callis Twitter  page
"I've noticed a great deal of confusion surrounding the legal rights of the deaf. Both deaf and hearing individuals have difficulty understanding what accommodations deaf people are entitled to, and how exactly those needs get met," interpreter Lydia Callis writes. She offers a primer on Deaf Rights in the Huffington Post and says, "There are a lot of deaf people who complain that VRI does not provide effective communication because the system will freeze, or not turn on, or staff members don't know how to use it. Providing effective communication is key to each situation." But can you refuse VRI without first trying it? Callis answers that question and others here.

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